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Grow your business by incorporating our innovative people care services and reach a wider target with a differentiating offer.

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Improve your profitability

Link to your products or services a recurring revenue model, offering the most complete and competitive solution of assistance to people.

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Loyalty to your customers

You can fulfill the needs of your customers, employees and their families by offering them subscriptions to an aspirational service with 12 and 24 month contracts.

Increase the value of your brand

Take care of people and offer them the best when they need it most to link your brand to positive attributes such as care, safety, peace of mind and service.

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Protection for your employees

Include Ready within your flexible compensation or corporate social responsibility program and help reconcile the family and professional life of your employees.

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A complete solution

Ready integrates technology and professional services to offer the first mobility solution for people active assistance.

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Discover how Ready can help you to improve your business, adapting to your company and the needs of your customers or employees.

Ready, the unique solution of assistance to people oriented to companies of any sector

Because people care and peace of mind are everyone's needs.

Our customers are companies that want to offer an innovative service of active assistance with which their clients and employees can enjoy their lives independently and feel safe at all times wherever they are.


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