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Portable device

An inconspicuous wearable device that integrates with smart mobile phones using BluetoothTM Low Energy consumption and incorporates an emergency button and a fall detection algorithm.

Mobile app

A multi-platform app for all types of smartphones that allows the management of the user account, pairing the device and configure the appropriate assistance mode for each person and use scenario.

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Ready uses the data connection of the user's mobile phone and its multi-band capabilities to always stay connected and when it is not available, it uses SMS to guarantee the sending of emergency signals, at any time and wherever user is.

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Cloud services

The availability and privacy of data information is safeguarded and managed efficiently and securely, thanks to our high availability Cloud services.

Assitance services

Ready incorporates a 24/365 people assistance service, managed by highly qualified professionals, who perform personalized assistance for each user.

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Asistencia proactiva

The user can activate the geolocation service to always been located via GPS and allow Ready to analyze its activity or the absence of it, as well as other factors to initiate proactive emergency scenarios.

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