Thanks to Ready, many people and their families already enjoy an independent and peaceful life

Caring for people now accessible to everyone thanks to the most competitive Active People Assistance Services on the market


Marisa Fernández

72 años

She lives alone, is active and independent. She likes to go with her friends; Going out is her passion. Her daughter Ana insisted a lot to get Ready; she worries that something might happen to her mother. In her company were offering Ready at a very attractive price and could be used by family members. At first she doubted, but she became convinced when her friend Pilar lost consciousness while walking her dog. It took the poor to take care of her because at that time there were no people in the park. Now they both have Ready day and night; At home and on the street. They both love to remain independent, but also always feel safe.

Marcos Villarubia

49 años

He works in a service company and during his work day he is usually alone.
His company has added Ready as a work tool and whenever he starts a service he has to activate the lone worker mode with the estimated time of departure so that, in case of emergency, the alert automatically goes into the monitoring center.
He never knows what he is going to find, that's why he likes the company to worry about workers and now he feels much safer.

Carla Esteo

29 años

He loves to run, be cold, rain or shine.
She doesn't forgive a good run through the park, although sometimes she is a bit lonely. In her company they offered Ready within the social benefits program and did not hesitate. For that price, now she comes out every day feeling protected. Whether you have an accident or if someone tries to disturb you, you know that at the push of the button you will know at all times that you are in an emergency situation. In fact, she not only uses it when she runs, she always carries it on her wrist.

Lola del Moral

46 años

She is a taxi driver and loves her job. Traffic jams, rude people and "bad" days sometimes make her bitter, but in general, although her days are very hard she likes to travel the city to the people in her vehicle. Also, now with Ready's mobile assistance she feels much more secure . They offered her to the taxi cooperative and she was among the first to take it. She knows that being on the street and catching all kinds of people has its dangers. But with Ready you only have to press a button and thanks to its silent mode , nobody realizes that you have sent an alert. Thanks to this system on the other side there is someone listening, who knows that there is an emergency and who has all the data to offer immediate help. You never have to trust yourself, but now work a little quieter.

Marcelo Pérez

35 años

He makes a living as driver. He is serious and likes to always take the car unpolluted. He chose the stretch of night because it is more profitable. During the day there is much more competition, although the darkness multiplies the risks. He is autonomous, but he was offered Ready with discounts for his collective . It was a success. If you ever have a personal problem or something happens to someone who goes in your car everything goes super fast, if you need to make calls or waste time giving location details. From the center of attention they send a call directly that does not even have to pick up. He has not yet had to use it, but now he does not conceive to go to work without Ready.

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